I'm Cass. Nice to meet you! I am a freelance artist and focus primarily on digital painting, illustration, writing, and editing. ♥

In the past, I have worked many manual labor jobs, and unhappy in the life they gave me, kickstarted by a nasty trip to the hospital, I made the bold decision not to go back to a job like that. Instead, I vowed to pick up my pen and write and draw, to use my creativity to make a living and do something I could consider important and meaningful with my skill set and my life.

It's been a rough road for the last few years, but things have been steadily improving. Living the life of an occupational artist has its ups and downs, mainly because starting out is hard, and sometimes creative jobs don't pay that well, especially before you get noticed by someone willing to pay well and/or before you build up an audience that is willing to help support you.

All in all, I am very proud of the improvement I have made and look forward to the continued improvement as I journey forward. My concern right now is pleasing my commissioners, doing the best work I possibly can for them, and when my large round of commissions is done, I am aiming to spend more time on my two novels and their corresponding web comics, my book of poetry, and my personal art pieces, both digital and traditional.

Feel free to email me at any time! I'd be happy to hear from you! ♥




Detailed Lined and Colored Piece

Base Price / One Subject
from $ 60.00
to $ 120.00

Detailed Linework Only

Base Price / One Subject
from $ 30.00
to $ 65.00

Detailed Painted Piece

Base Price / One Subject
from $ 60.00
to $ 120.00

Detailed Sketch or Speed Paint

Base Price / One Subject
from $ 30.00
to $ 45.00

Simple Sketch

One Subject
from $ 10.00
to $ 20.00

Sketches are a great way to get your idea fleshed out for an affordable rate or decide if you want a specific idea made into a more detailed work at a later date.

Detailed works involve more time, effort, gradient/color refinement than sketches and simple work, so the price is naturally increased. I spend a lot of time on these works, making sure the lighting, mood, expressions, and details are all there. Prices for this type of work is varied based upon the detail of the character design, setting, etc. Your individual cost per a project may be more or less than the estimated prices. The estimates are here to give a ballpark guess of a price.

Additional subjects for any type of work are +20% of agreed base price.


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    Thank you so much for following me! It means a lot that a great artist like you likes my art even if just a tiny little bit! <3

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      Thank you for making lovely art and being so kind! I'm just another artist, nothing special. ;3 ♥

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    As a Necromancer, I find your love of the dark very much to my liking. Keep up the appealing work <3.

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      Glad I can give something interesting to look at! Thank you, and I'll try my best! ♡