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Female l Straight l Single l Not Interested l Weird l Romania
I'm new here so please be patient with me.

Hi! My name is Stephany, but you can call me Blue, Birdy, Steph or even Bill. It doesn't matter, I don't really mind!
I personally don't call myself an 'Artist'. I mean sure, I draw decently -I think?- but I don't dare call myself an 'Artist'.

I'm just your normal nerdy like girl really. I got short curly- and I mean curly- hair, with black eyes and pale skin, that is a total nerd. No seriously, people say I've been injected with milk or something. I'm of average height I suppose. I wear black and blue glasses and dislike water.
I'm a Youtube fan -mostly watching drawing viedos, music and video games. I mostly watch Mariplier and other youtubers that play indie games, especially indie horror games.

For drawing I use Paint Tool SAI, yes you do have to buy it. But there is also GIMP and Fire Alpaca if you are interested in other nice free programs. I don't have a tablet -yet- so I draw with my mouse. Usually a drawing will take me from 1 hour up -because I get distracted easily and take enormoous breaks from colouring the skin to colouring the hair. So without these breaks usually 20-30 minutes up.

So since I'm really new here, I'm looking forward to making new friends! :D


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    Thank you for the follow! :)

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    Thank you for the fave hun.

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    Thank you very much for the follow! It means a lot for me! Really! <3

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      You're very welcome! And thank you for following me as well! <3
      Your art is just super adorable! ^.^

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    Thank you so much for the follow :)

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    Thank you for the follow and the fav! ^^