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✦ Male ✦ 17 years of age ✦ He pronouns ✦ Lamiisexual ✦ Leo ✦ Mated ✦ ISFP personality ✦

I'm a friendly and tolerant chicken hybrid from Denmark, who loves being social and making horrible jokes. I'm creative and I come with bad ideas 24/7. I also have zero interests besides art and furry fandom. In other words, I suck.
I try to gain more interest and pick up gaming on my 3DS again, however, I haven't been able to do so, due to no time.
I am also quite a femboy, both fursona-wise and real-life wise. On some aspects, it annoys me, but I also like it in some ways.
My memory is also absolute poop, I do something, then 5 minutes later, I forgot what I was doing. If I forget something, just poke me! I swear, I don't mean to piss anyone off.
I try to change the world around me with doing a lot of smaller favors and helping where I can. I wish to see a better tomorrow, and I believe we can create that with just a little bit of hope and love.
I also have a strong love for Geocaching. I love finding caches everywhere!

My skype is Mico.nutziri and my Telegram is @MicoHone if you want to talk.
Please link your FA, I will ask for it if you don't.
The better I know you, the more silly, mature and personal I get.

About art:
Commissions: Open!
Trades: Open!

My fursuit Lucy was made by lazylupe (Head, hands and tail) and furdelicious (Arm sleeves)

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I'll try to be more active here now!

on 21 May 2016 at 09:08:01 MDT

I have had this profile for years, literately, without really using it so much.
Now, I'll try to change that! I plan on uploading more stuff here, if I remember to do so, haha-

So yeah! To the 5 followers I have; I'll upload quite a bit of artwork now. To everyone else reading this; thank you for viewing my profile and my artwork!

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