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The Avalon Agency: a propaganda poster by Prostapheresys

The Avalon Agency: a propaganda poster

“Integrating magic and technology for the global benefit since 1970”

At the dawn of civilization, mankind had to struggle in order to live and prosper in this world: either confronting powerful creatures defined as beasts, monsters and demons, or submitting for help and protection to superior beings called spirits, angels or gods. In a way or another, humanity had to overcome the mysterious forces of magic; finally it managed to do so with the development of technology. All the other creatures quickly left their lands, fearing enslavement and extinction under the human supremacy; hidden from the world, they lived their existence in secret for ages, eventually becoming myths and legends.

Unfortunately though, humanity just wasn’t able to rule the world on its own, constantly fighting its own kind over resources and power and spoiling the planet for personal benefit. Therefore after the Great War and the Spanish flu pandemic, when mankind was considered at its weakest, the magical beings showed up once again to reclaim their place in the world. They quickly dominated humanity, making it pay for their long suffering; on the other side however humanity simply would not accept such an unexpected turn of events.

Therefore, between 1940 and 1945, war broke anew in the world: humans and magical beings fought directly against each other for hatred, vengeance and for establishing their dominion over the world. The only thing left by that war however was only death and destruction, as well as no winner; it was clear by then that they were only going to doom themselves if they didn’t stop fighting and start rebuilding the world together, united in peace. Slowly at first, all the creatures of Earth started rediscovering themselves, learning from each other, cooperating and integrating in new societies.

This process eventually lead to the foundation of the Avalon Agency in 1970. Today, still motivated by those ideals, the Avalon Agency (also referred to as the A.A.) is a constantly growing organization devoted to the betterment of society, our understanding of the universe and the preservation of life on Earth. We are therefore looking forward to employ new personnel, regardless of species or skillset. We believe that anyone with loyalty, determination and devotion to work can find their place at the A.A. and give their contribution to our cause. You can find only benefit for you and those you care about by applying for our organization. Here is a list of FAQs and things to know about the A.A. that should help you decide:

Q: What kind of job opportunities does the A.A. actually offer?
A: The range of job opportunities inside the A.A. is so wide that we just cannot afford to list them here! So whatever job you are looking for, you can be pretty reassured that you will find it with us. In particular you will be able to choose a few preferences from 4 main work areas in your application letter: Agency Administration, Magical Studies, Scientific R&D and Security Businesses.

Q: Do I get to choose between a part-time or a full-time contract?
A: Unfortunately no, all our job offers are intended to be full-time contracts.

Q: Is it true that if hired I’ll have to leave home and move to live and work inside the A.A.?
A: Yes, our code of conduct demands our workers to not leave the A.A. facilities until the contract expires, but worry not! The A.A. offers to all its employees plenty of free-time with relax areas and recreational activities while daily meals are provided for, all free of charge.

Q: The A.A.’s location is top secret, where am I supposed to send my application letter then?
A: Simply send it to your nearest recruitment center affiliated with the A.A. and it will be handled appropriately. If the application letter was compiled correctly, you will be contacted directly by one of our dedicated members in 2-3 days.

Q: I never applied to the A.A., yet I seem to get continuous calls from you to justify my “absence from the workplace” and to be told that “you don’t apply for the A.A., the A.A. applies for you”. Is this a joke? And how did you get my number?
A: Due to constant need of new personnel, the A.A. often seeks out for talented and experienced people among the population with the help and consent of local authorities; this said, the final choice is obviously in your hands. We still cannot force anyone to join the A.A. after all, so if you keep receiving calls just ignore them, it is usually an error of the automated calling system which lasts no more than a few days, when the system is updated and checked.

Q: How safe is the workplace exactly? The media talk very little about the A.A. but when they do it’s mostly because of a freak accident of some sort…
A: We always take good care of our workers and we do our best to ensure their safety, yet accidents can happen. As long as you follow our code of conduct, you should be fine.

You now have all the basic information required for a responsible decision about your future and that of the world.
Consider your options and choose well. The Avalon Agency will always be there to welcome you among its members at any time.

The Avalon Agency: a propaganda poster


First lore document describing the setting for my main stories: a parallel universe with humans and various mytological creatures, thriving together under the help of an advanced organization that despite its good intentions just sounds creepy and intimidating at times...

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