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The Scroll of Avalon by Prostapheresys

Parallel to our world of humans and myths,
Lies a world where magic exists.
Mythical creatures live in peace
Beside the strange human race.
Machines and enchantments ensure the unity.
This world rests in fragility, hindered by memories,
Between the magical and the non.
The past is filled with endless war and strife.
Unforgotten, but influential,
The pain causes tension, yet peace remains.

There will stand a human man
Beside a dragon of half blood.
Both with selfish motives,
Each compliment the other.
How will the world part for these two?
A bizarre and unlikely pair.
Through peril and safety,
Only they will previal,
Against a foe of this magical world.
The world never will forget
The evil that was seeded,
In the darkened war zoned past.

The conflicts will spark,
Threatening all inhabitants.
As the darkness spreads,
Our duo will travel.
To lands old and new.
Will they fulfill their selfish desires?
Will they restore peace to the world?

The Scroll of Avalon


Among the ancient artifacts and magical relics stored inside the Avalon Agency lies this scroll, revealing the past and the future of the world that is now the Avalon's dominion...
This piece is a gift from the talented FaneStar (who I thank a lot) and is meant to be both a prologue and a teaser for what I plan to write next! So stay tuned and in the meantime go check Fane's works, his poems are really good!

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