Magic Dance (Lines) by ProphetEKA

Magic Dance (Lines)


11 February 2019 at 22:13:12 MST

Been working on this since November-ish(?) and using it to get used to working on my Tablet PC along with a few other pics. Simple idea but a slow process when you're very used to grabbing for some paper long before your machine finishes booting up.

This is expanded from the Drawlloween 2018 entry for Demon here. -> [Link]

I plan on doing more with this so I did a quickie "Ancient Book"-type background and some color burn to make it look like "Blood" 'cause spookiness, I guess? Really, it was late night boredom and a healthy dose of fantasy that made me try it.

Once I'm honestly done with this, I'll move this pic to Scraps.

If you want the clean Hi-Res lines for this, I popped them over on my Patreon. -> [Link]

A dollar a month will get you...

  • The lines for this pic!
  • The lines for a few other pieces!
  • Some books!
  • A bunch of coupon codes!
  • A printable Legions of Undead for Societal Respect (LUSR) Membership Card from my comic Biff the Vampire!
  • And More! = D

There's free stuff there, too, but tossing a dollar my way helps.

So... Yeah! Hope you dig this so far. I've been having fun poking at it and it's been a great piece to practice building brushes and messing with more than a handful of layers like I'm used to.

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