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Retsuko with Toast by PrivateDoomsday

Retsuko with Toast


Retsuko, of whom knows, that days at an office building, can be VERY stressful; sometimes, where employees BULLY her. That's when at night, she'll usually head to her favorite karaoke bar, for drinks, and deal with stress, by doing DEATH METAL! XD

She's a strong willed business woman...and someone who's HILARIOUS, and ADORABLE, as well!

Now, as for the situation, basically, WHAT IF, Retsuko was running a bit late, due to a broken alarm clock...and ran to work, with a piece of toast, in her mouth?!? XD

Maybe she'll find true love?!? Or will she encounter a best friend?!? WHO KNOWS?!?

Fair warning, for those that are not new to the series; while it DOES have some language in it, at least it's nowhere beyond PG-13, and well, in return, this cartoon was aimed towards older audiences; notably teens & young adults. But, at least they did it, in a way, that's tasteful, hilarious, and clean!

And, well, in terms of the wackiness of the series, as well as the adorable side of things, I wouldn't mind befriending Retsuko, myself! (Even though I prefer joke karaoke, myself. XD)

P.S.; did you know that "karaoke", is Japanese, for "tone deaf"? XD

= Retsuko (Aggretsuko) is (c) by Sanrio
= The artwork is (c) by me


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    so cute, i love that show ^w^ can't wait for season 4! :D

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      I bet!

      And thanks; I knew Retsuko was cute, so I figured I'd draw this!

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        yea no problem! ^w^ long time no see btw!

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          I bet it makes you want to hug Retsuko, too! (Simply for being ADORABLE!)

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            hugs are nice ^w^ i don't get them very often
            online hugs are just never the same tho :<