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Ted and Suki - Cuddling on Camera by PrivateDoomsday

Ted and Suki - Cuddling on Camera


3 July 2017 at 14:07:27 MDT

Suki: Do you like this idea, of mine? I figured, that, since it was just us today, I figured, that I'd set up a remote control camera stand, so we can see us cuddling, on your smartphone...and see it, kinda like a mirror!

Ted: My dear wife, you have really impressed me, with this idea, of a romantic ideas!

Just a cute pic, of my fursona, and his wife; nothing much else, here! (Also, please note, that she just had her hair done, today.

She had to trim part of her hair off, but still keep it fairly long. (In addition, she's using the clip-on pigtails, from leftover hair, of hers!)

= Ted and Suki, alongside the art, are (c) by me

P.S.; I know this is some slightly older art, from my FurAffinity account, but I still find it charming! And especially for those, who are interested, in romantic art!