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Wattana Wants to Cuddle by PrivateDoomsday

Wattana Wants to Cuddle


Re-submitted, from FurAffinity. A character of mine, that is INSANELY cute!

Another pic, with Wattana, involved. (A late pic I planned, for November 1st, where, Wattana is in a cuddly mood.)

Who knows where she is? Either way, she feels like not being outside her mini-straitjacket, at the moment...and just wants to cuddle, with someone, at the moment.

She often gets tied, because...well, she's got a violent side; knowing that she's a bit of a yandere, at times. (Fortunately though, she has a heart, for children & animals, NEVER wishing to harm them; not being QUITE a cruel being; just a bit delusional.)

= Wattana, (the yandere-ish sugar glider girl, of whom is a fictional ward patient) alongside the artwork, are © by m

For those that are interested, in the facts, behind how her mini-straitjacket, works:

= There's of course, one armbinder, that's easilly seen. However; what's covered by one of the sleeves, IS in fact, another one of them, that goes over the upper half, of the arms. That way, it's made MUCH harder, for the arms to even shake out if it, if not, IMPOSSIBLE.
= There's a torso strap, on the upper half, of it; being tightened, so one can't simply "slip out" of it; despite having the shoulders, stick out of it. It is meant to be tightened, before tied.
= There's also a waist strap; also made, so like the torso strap, one can't slip out of it, too easily. Having to be tightened, just to guarantee that.
= Like all straitjackets, to tie the sleeves, in the back, is where you tie them together.
= To make sure it's easily stays on, whether tied or not, is simply by using the zipper, in the back.
= Also, this is made as a creative way, of using a bit less fabric, just to create a cleverly made restraint. Tricky, but a lot of escape artists, had took about 15-30 minutes, just to try and get out of them, as they helped experiment the design. (According to the fictional lore, behind it.)
= With the waist strap, torso strap, and arm binders, they're cleverly built in, like a harness.

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