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New Payment methods, TOS, prices, and rules, Do's and Don'ts

Gonna post this before I get lost in the sea of things I owe hhhhh.


I'm going to still use PayPal as my main source, but I will also offer Square and Amazon! Pram what does that mean you donk. It means I will now accept credit cards mainly, but I will also offer things from my amazon wishlist! It will help me get art supplies sooner and still benefit me in the long run and get you and everyone else more quality artwork! I will add my wishlist to my page and mention it as a payment option during commission talks along with credit cards. Hopefully making it easier and quicker to pay for your commissions!

.:Terms of Service, prices, rules:.

My TOS will be updated and posted here soon, along with my new prices and rules for commissioning me. Nothing super new with the TOS, only stuff involving refunds and adding the new payment options. I have increased my prices a smidge based on feedback, also in an attempt to move away from super fetish pieces. All SFW commissions will have a discount on them, I have not settled on how much, but I would like to work more towards comics and a portfolio. I will still do NSFW and these sorts of things, but I'd rather try and cool it with the more "adventurous" things. As such I will make note of this on my Do's and Don'ts when I get a chance to edit that.


I have not been well, and by well I mean I lock up sometimes, unable to work. Fearing that what I produce will not be good enough, I have been in a rut for the past year and a half to where I cannot work on things and enjoy them. This bundled with the complete lack of support from my family about my decision to work freelance instead of finding a job has really hit me hard. Most of the time I am required to look for a job or do chores around the house to keep myself busy. I had high hopes when I could work on things I liked, such as the things I've uploaded as of late. I've put my foot down on the matter and I believe I've gotten my point across as best I can, even without their full support I will be making efforts to continue my art and bring out the best in me regardless.

So in closing, I apologize. I know a few of you have put up with my shenanigans for quite some time. I just feel like its time to stop hiding behind some small things I make up and just tell you all the truth.

Thank you and I hope you all have a pleasant day.

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