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Urban Sketch - Clark Quay Riverside Point by poila

Urban Sketch - Clark Quay Riverside Point


27 October 2012 at 03:11:01 MDT

October 27 2012 - Urban Sketch: Clark Quay - Singapore River - Riverside Point[/u]

An urban sketch that I did today during a session of the Urban Sketchers Singapore group (UKSG) collaboration with Archifest/Galeri Utama (River Valley Road).

Location was near Clark Quay, but specifically at the Singapore River, Riverside Point. The location is known for having a lot of tourist boats. and a very distinctive (smelly) seawater smell. The place is known to have a nice mix of nostalgia - because of those shelters - as well as modernized architecture like the Singapore Brewerkz Restaurant.

This sketch was done entirely in a standard black ballpoint pen - no fancy colored leads or anything.

Art by yours truly, Poila, 0ct 27 2012