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Urban Sketching - Shophouses and Windows by poila

Urban Sketching - Shophouses and Windows


12 October 2012 at 11:46:33 MDT

29th September 2012 - Urban Sketching: Shophouses and Windows

Urban-sketching during Mid-Autumn Festival 2012. Actually this is the third sketch out of three, but because the second sketch is so incomprehensible, I decided to not upload it onto Weasyl. You can, however, find all of my Urban Sketching uploads in my Tumblr page; just visit my Weasyl profile and you can find it. ;)

Just outside Chinatown Complex from its left - I returned from the hawkers from the cross-junction, facing me are these shophouses - former houses that used to be occupied by residents and coolie workers from the 1960s, the houses are re-furbished to sell convenience items.

It manages to combine nostalgic-old and modern-newschool aesthetics at the same time.

Practising perspective again.

Done with a 0.7mm Pilot Eno mechanical pencil, red lead.

Art by yours truly, Poila, 2012