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DOMO! I am Pltnm06Ghost. Or Ghost for short. Decided I'd sign up for one of these things on here to see how well I can handle managing more than one gallery to help get my work out there in the open. There isn't much to say about myself outside of the essentials. I love fighting games, a select amount of anime, obscure stuff, and an obvious Ninja Slayer fanatic as fans of this show are few and far between.

I'm most active on my Tumblr, where I post scribbles, art references, and various gag comics done for craps and giggles. If anyone who likes my work enough to follow this loser, I'd very much appreciate it if you all followed my Tumblr page since I'm always updating it XD

One more thing before I forget! Pointing out I have a STRONG PREFERENCE towards drawing humans or beastkin.
I have fun drawing anthros as well, but humans will take up the majority of this specific gallery. If that's not your cup of tea, then turn around and walk away.............. to my FurAffinity page. Y'know. Where I only upload my furry stuff <.<

Honestly I'm not too confident I'd keep this Weasyl thing up for very long. But it's worth a shot!
(I also draw R-18 stuff on the side. Not linking since I ain't no sucka! Ask for it :V)


My Safehaven of Artistic Tomfoolery:
The Garbage Bin
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Moved over to Twitter

So yeah. I literally, not figuratively, forgot Weasyl existed entirely.
The site as a whole is just dead and launching a gallery here feels pointless.
Since it's already hard enough maintaining four social networks for art, I'm cutting Weasyl off entirely.

I've been using Twitter as a platform over Weasyl, which managed to take off fairly well so far.
If any one of you guys would rather follow me somewhere that isn't DA, FA, or Tumblr, then here's an alternative.

Moral of the story.
I'll never take off in a place this slow unless I'm some already-famous furry porn artist beforehand. Peace out, y'all :U

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    U got style and ambition with all your great works put on here, ghost. Keep up the drive and always go the distance with them. Stay Awesome! -CR-