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2000!! + HoliCHEERS!!

on 21 December 2017 at 23:18:29 MST

2000+!! Has Hit! Along with the Grand BIG ONES with the Writing, 3000+, and 30Favs. Bit coming up yadda yadda...
Look Out for Extra Happenings happening for Extra Holiday Cheers for characters old and new!
Stay in touch and forever be awesome for Holidays and New Years!

...PLUS... Just wanted to know if your interested in some trades; as well as some insight upon which characters we should do in
Writing and Art among our characters/extras.
Also, Livestream will be back soon, and we look forward to your discussions on stuff like this...
Volunteer Project!!
Project1= Alt. Modern Day/Middle Aged Fantasy where one man alters the fates of five other tales/quests. (+18)
Project2= An Overworlded, Techno-Organic World where 4 characters decide the fate of the planet in this Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Adv. (+13)
Project3= A Action/Sci-Fi based on three main characters -Or More- Going against a Dr./Alien and a God. (+7)
Project4= A Modern day Action/Thriller where friends, families and groups are plotting against everyone in justifying their own ends in what they want. (+18)
Project5= An Aerial/Action (Shump) where one small fighter jet takes on all threats and the OmegaFaction in Land, Sea, Air, Space and Further Beyond in ridding the planet of their tyranny. (+7)
Project6= A Horror/Suspense/Thriller set in the 90's, as Figment/Imagination can kill you by letting you IN. (+18)
...and so forth.
Take care and 4ever stay burnin' all!

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    thanks bro! -peace sign-

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      No problem, buddy, just keep doing your thing in all things art/talents. laterz

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    Thanks for the faves, follow and kind comments... much appreciated!

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      Anytime, Jay; Laterz. -CR-

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      Hey, buddy; what's new with stuff on art and things, Jay?

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        I have some more vacation time coming up... not sure what I'll be drawing, but I'll think of something.

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          Take your time, Jay; you got many a days to plan something. Just make it strong and sexy like always in all your designs, man. Thanks for the reply. Laterz and Good Luck. -CR-

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          Jay, what's up, man; how ya doin and what'cha upto, buddy