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Really COMING!!!

on 6 October 2017 at 08:57:28 MDT

We're getting closer towards the day of 2000+ in FanArt/OC and Write Creations.
Brace yourself this has been for a long time coming, guys.
Keep a lookout..

...PLUS... Just wanted to know if your interested in some trades; as well as some insight upon which characters we should do in
Writing and Art among our characters/extras.
Also, Livestream will be back soon, and we look forward to your discussions on stuff like this...
Volunteer Project!!
Project1= Alt. Modern Day/Middle Aged Fantasy where one man alters the fates of five other tales/quests. (+18)
Project2= An Overworlded, Techno-Organic World where 4 characters decide the fate of the planet in this Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Adv. (+13)
Project3= A Action/Sci-Fi based on three main characters -Or More- Going against a Dr./Alien and a God. (+7)
Project4= A Modern day Action/Thriller where friends, families and groups are plotting against everyone in justifying their own ends in what they want. (+18)
Project5= An Aerial/Action (Shump) where one small fighter jet takes on all threats and the OmegaFaction in Land, Sea, Air, Space and Further Beyond in ridding the planet of their tyranny. (+7)
Project6= A Horror/Suspense/Thriller set in the 90's, as Figment/Imagination can kill you by letting you IN. (+18)
...and so forth.
Take care and 4ever stay burnin' all!

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    thanks bro! -peace sign-

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      No problem, buddy, just keep doing your thing in all things art/talents. laterz

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    Thanks for the faves, follow and kind comments... much appreciated!

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      Anytime, Jay; Laterz. -CR-

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      Hey, buddy; what's new with stuff on art and things, Jay?

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        I have some more vacation time coming up... not sure what I'll be drawing, but I'll think of something.

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          Take your time, Jay; you got many a days to plan something. Just make it strong and sexy like always in all your designs, man. Thanks for the reply. Laterz and Good Luck. -CR-

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          Jay, what's up, man; how ya doin and what'cha upto, buddy