subcon artist by pleistabix

subcon artist


29 January 2014 at 13:34:28 MST

I swear that there was just supposed to be the radish here.


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    nice mario 2/doki doki panic ref :3

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    Very nice and spectacular as always. ;D
    Yay for Mario-ness! XD

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    ah, the other post with a "subcon" tag.
    the door's reaction seems appropriate; the poor radish is probably too close to the epicenter and in shock.

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      Ah I wondered what had turned you up over here. But if I meant "subconscious" I would surely have spelled out the word! I dare not abbreviate on a serious topic like this here today.

      Initially the scenery and creature were somewhat vaguely defined, and then when I put this onto the deviantart page a yearish afterward, I did maintenance on some things. When I came to it today, I noticed I had neglected to clarify the door, but could not remember its design and decided it was not important enough to go looking for the appropriate reference picture again, so I just made it into the annoyed face it already, perhaps inadvertently, resembled.