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Jaxxon and Rocket Raccoon, the rebel scum [C] by pimpartist

Jaxxon and Rocket Raccoon, the rebel scum [C]


Woo-hoo, a Star Wars commission!

If you're not familiar with the lore, Jaxxon, that huge Green rabbit is actually part of the Star Wars expanded Universe - look him up! And of course, Rocket Raccoon by his side cuz why not? They're both part of Disney anyways nowadays.
As usual, those damn imperials can't seem to aim at all so our heroes might actually win this one!
What is your favorite Star Wars movie?

If you're interested in commissioning me, I'm open! Feel free to check my prices here: and send me a note. Thank you for checking out my work!


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    Cool sci-fi artwork, but don't you think Jaxxon looks like a ripoff of Bucky O'Hare?

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      Color scheme might lead you to that conclusion, but then again the style is completely different - Jaxxon is drawn more realistically. And in an Universe with a million different alien species, why not a giant green rabbit, haha.