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I object to Political Correctness

on 18 August 2018 at 05:36:48 MDT

For those unaware, recently the film director James Gunn, probably recently most known for directing the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, was fired by Disney for several jokes he wrote on Twitter long ago about raping children. Years ago, the company found out about them, he apologized, but some journalists dug them up again, and this time there was no backing out. Fans of his work like me signed petitions to get him re-hired. Since then there’s been news that it’s not happening, but they might use his script, now some speculation that it could happen… I myself hope for the best, but am prepared for the worst.

A friend of mine said that the firing was deserved, because James Gunn was in high support of the firing of Roseanne for her messages, saying that ABC has every right to fire her if they deem what she said offensive….. And a few weeks later, with Disney deeming something James Gunn wrote offensive and firing her. My friend said it only seems fair, and James should be more than happy to accept that.

I admit that at the time when I heard him say that, I was really was scared of losing the chance to see the third movie in a movie in a franchise that I adore so much, but I have since calmed down. YES, the movie will likely still happen, so… I’ll live.

People are upset at this whole thing, and I hear individuals on the left blame it all on right-wingers or the alt-right specifically. Oh, it’s them, they did it! They are coming after one of our own! Which… ok, let’s assume that’s the case, it’s the right-wingers… Isn’t this them using your own logic? I have seen all the arguments being used… frick, I used some of them myself:
-James Gunn apologized already - Oh really? So when someone apologizes for saying something, you accept it? Forgive and forget? You never dismissed someone’s apology and demanded punishment regardless?
-That was from 10 years ago! - So you promise that you’ve never ever ever hunted someone down for something done in the long distant past? You never ignored the fact that people change?
-He was joking! He wasn’t serious! - Context matters? Once again: can you claim that you’ve never deemed something to be so offensive to where context does not matter?
-He was being vague, he wasn’t talking about an individual, he just said baby for shock value! - Oh really, then I assume you are perfectly ok with jokes about raping women. What? It’s vague! About a WOMAN! Not someone specific

AGAIN, I used some of these myself, but you know why I have a firmer ground to stand on when I use them? I NEVER DEMANDED ANYBODY TO BE FIRED FOR ANYTHING OF THE LIKE! I am not a hypocrite when I say these! I can’t say the same about many of the people signing the petition.

I’m no longer as liberal as I was, because of this new focus on political correctness (amongst other things). I hate the idea of a world where people who don’t meet the moral standards are to be fired immediately with no chance of defending themselves.

Naturally the most hypocritical of the bunch outright say that these new rules were put into place to fight right-wingers and not left-wingers, which is outright admitting that it’s not about protecting the innocent, but rather using them as a means to fire people they don’t like. Just shameful.

If this is indeed the work of some right wingers, then they are just using the same tools that are used against them, which I can’t deny is fair. AND YET, despite all the talk about it being the right, pushing everything towards that side, screaming that its them, them them….. I still did see a few liberal voices say that, even if we feel regret about this, we should take this as a lesson:
We should never write offensive things, if we do, there will be consequences.

Wise words, aren’t they? The rules of what is politically correct and what isn’t, are always the same, right? They never ever change! Now and 100 years ago? Exactly the same! People never change, never say anything dumb accidentally. If you are sorry about something, then you wouldn’t do it in the first place!

Tell you what, I have another proposition: Let’s throw Political Correctness under the bus!

Let us stop with this witch hunt! I do not care about some joke someone wrote ages ago! There are so many people guilty awful actions, but here we are, hunting down people for words. For supposedly hurting someone’s feelings. GEEE, somehow, despite all the talk about sadness, depression and sorrow, all I see, is a bunch of loud angry furious dogs.

I realize this is going into a slightly different direction, but I still want to say it:

I remember how there was a time when I used to be shy…. Well, shy-ER than now. I was so quiet and nervous to where people suspected that I might be mentally handicapped (I’m not kidding). I was so madly nervous of speaking up, and making someone upset.

I did end up talking with a few people over the years who had this whole mindset of political correctness, always explaining how the words that I used are offensive, or that me appreciating something is bad, because it’s “problematic”.I even tried to bring up how uncomfortable I’m starting to feel, but all I got to hear was… that I have to learn! I should just get that certain topics and words are taboo, because they might hurt someone’s feelings, and if I actually want to have friends, I should act this way. It then hit me, that these people would prefer if I became like the old me. Afraid of speaking up, hiding in the corner, avoiding eye contact, afraid of having everybody hate me. That did not give me any friends, happiness or anything good in the end. Besides, I know my real friends, who don’t care about any of that. This is why I choose to keep them close, and those who wish to control me, saying that I have to talk and act in a specific way, or else they won’t like me, as far away from me as I possibly can. Life is too short to waste with such dreadful people.

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