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A warm Kiss by Pikuna

A warm Kiss


9 October 2012 at 16:03:16 MDT

Pikunamon: My Knight, my Love, my warm Sunshine in the cold days. Please stay forever with me and hold me in your arms. Let us laugh, cry and wonder about all the things that will happen in our future.

3 years long distance relationship and our love is still so strong. :heart:

My parents never believed that Incy and I would be together for such a long time and they accept him now as a family member. x3

It's really funny to see how good Incy and I know eacht other, that we mostly know what the other one do or want to say. xD

The fact that we still have these best-buddies element in our relationship, makes me really happy, because I don't like the only lovy-dovy thing. xD (Wonder if you understand what I mean. XP)

To the picture:

I f*cking love the medival dress from Pikunamon. *w*

It just the second time it's drawn and was designed by Kubikitsune. x3

And Riza draw it in this picutre so awesome! *w*

Finally found the right orange color for Pikunamon's hair! QwQ

Also how both are kissing he managed good to draw, I can imagine that kissing snouts (which are also different) isn't that easy. xD

Maybe you see it, I try to do a more soft coloring for the armor parts, which you can better see on the black parts and I think I will use that more often. x3

And the wings, heck I colored so much wings lately. xD

My last words: I love you Incy~<3

Lineart (c) Riza23

Coloration & Pikunamon (c) Pikuna

Incendramon (Twilight Mode) (c) INCtastic