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How to be a Family by Pikuna

How to be a Family


9 October 2012 at 10:39:21 MDT

[Bottom] Pikunamon: Aren't they cute? *sighs happily*

Incendramon: Yes, they are. And how peacefully they sleep. *smiles*

[Right] Incendramon: Outch, don't bite so hard Midamon!

Pikunamon: *laughs* Don't be mad at her, she just want to show you how much she loves you.

[Left] Pikunamon: *explains something to Pikendramon and Incunamon, but only Pikendramon is really listening*

Incendramon: Hey, young lady. You should listen when your mother talks to you. *is a bit angry*

Incunamon: Nya, but but I want to practise my attacks. I will listen to her later!

Another sequel, but now from this picutre:

Well, the result of their little adult games were the twins Incunamon and Pikendramon. :3

Both Pikunamon and Incendramon are really happy about it and they give their best to be good parents. x3

I think I color the In-Training Forms of the children the best. xD

Still thinking tht I use to much bright colors as base color for Pikunamon. =w=

Lineart (c) Piratehearts

Coloration (c) Pikuna

Characters (c) Pikuna IconINCtastic

Brushes (c) Eterea86


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    Cute and well done. Awww...

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    I'm late to say "aww" but again, AWWWWWW. Le cuteness...

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      You are never late to say Awwww! 8D