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DLM - Event 2: Akelymon's advice by Pikuna

DLM - Event 2: Akelymon's advice


13 May 2013 at 02:52:35 MDT

My entry as Leadermon for the "Meet the Leadermon" Event from my dA group DigimonLostMorals

Because of the spirits Akelymon is able to read the character of a person, so she recognized Akane's spoiled and greedy personality.

She tries to explain the young girl, that her heart is strong, but she needs to open it, to realize, that she will be completly alone in the most desperate situation, if she doesn't stop to bother just for herself.

Jackalomon totaly didn't understand what the old Digimon wanted to say with this and Akane didn't cared for it in the first place.

Nevertheless Akelymon gave them the permission to open a shop in the capital, if they want to.

At first I just wanted to write a story, but when I looked through the different applications (I searched especially for younger Tamers) and read the character of Akane, I get this pic in my head and really wanted it as a drawing. xD

Tried to let it look like a Anime Screen Shot, my first try. |D

Have to admit, that I'm totaly out of the Cell-Coloring, tried all the time to color it like I would use the Soft-shading. >w>

I also wanted to make Akelymon to look worried, but with this kind of eyes it's not that easy. =w=

Jackalomon is here more the fun-factor, hope Fly is okay with that. xD

Have to say, I really like Akane's design, especially because I love the combination of black and red. ♥

Sketch (c) Riza23

Lines, Colors and Akelymon (c) Pikuna

Akane and Jackalomon (c) FlyKiwiFly

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    this pic is so adorable :D

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      Yep, it is. xD

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    Looks pretty sweet. Nice work,

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      THanks a bunch. ^w^