Weird Adopt Batch 4 (2/4) by PierceTheReindeer

Weird Adopt Batch 4 (2/4)


15 July 2019 at 16:49:09 MDT

Created the Weird Adopt Batch 4 some time ago.

Corth Lord of Crystals, Sold to Squidpizza on twitter
Description: This crystal being rules over a realm that has many crystals. Corth doesn’t show emotions and watches over the realm protecting their followers from harm. The tiny spheres that float around them are made of jade and helps protect them from damage.

Hex Priest of Shapes, Price: $10
Description: They are the priest for a race of beings that have layers of shapes for heads. The colors brighten or dullen basing on how they are feeling (glows brighter when happy and dims when sad).

Chad, Price: $10
Description: They work out and has skipped leg day big time. Chad loves showing of their muscles and can only walk by using their arms.

Rubix, Sold to Loboti on FA
Description: An angel that is surrounded by many crystals. If they see you as worthy they may give you a magical crystal that can be used to protect you from evil. Be aware that if you are evil, do not look into the giant red gem. What you see in there will change how you see yourself and the world.

If you would like to buy any one of them you can comment below or message me! Paypal only and first come first serve.
More of my adopt rules (both general and specific) be found on my Toyhouse