Weird Adopt Batch 3 (2/4) by PierceTheReindeer

Weird Adopt Batch 3 (2/4)


11 June 2019 at 01:23:22 MDT

Made weird Adopt Batch 3 recently!

Rachel, Price: $10
Description: Rachel is an odd hyperactive dinosaur creature that likes to run around and screeching. She wishes she could fly but her wings arms are just too small. If she can bite something, she will.

Shakey Owl, Price: $10
Description: This owl always seems to be shaking when they are seen. You can find them in alleyways, abandoned parking lots, and just not the best locations to be alone. No one really knows what they are doing at those places. Maybe they are making a deal or are meeting with someone? Who really knows.

Sid, Keeping her!
Description: Sid is part of a species where the creature is rabbit looking, can have arm/hand ears, weird long tails with puffs of fur on the end, and has a pattern on their fur (strips, zig zags, spots, and many more as examples). AKA they are an Hanabbit. Sid is apathetic and doesn’t like socializing with others. They tend to keep to themselves and don’t like being bothered. They tend to go out to get minerals as fuel for some of the machinery they fix. It is a bit of a risky job since sometimes the really good minerals are in locations with big monsters. They have lost site on their right eye and lost an ear arm from doing this type of job for so long. They make it very clear with their clients they only want a business relationship and nothing more.

Terry, (SOLD to stubbornkizer on Deviantart)
Description: This creature tends to slither around grasslands looking for minerals and meat to eat. They are hard to spot since they tend to hide under logs and rocks. If you do spot them they’ll slither away as fast as they can. Though if you do catch them! They’ll go, “Congrats! You have caught me, the great Terry! Since you have caught me I’ll give you a wish!” Terry is a magical being and catching them is a hard task to do. They can only do simple wishes though, anything complex is too much for them. Wishes like “I want a sandwich” they can do but anything like “I wish I had the same net worth as a famous celebrity” they just can’t do. If you get upset that them and try to hurt them, they’ll bite you with their main mouth injecting you with venom. Their venom won’t kill you but it gives you bad luck for 3 days. The only way to get rid of the curse is for their belly mouth to bite you but they’ll use that opportunity of biting you to get away.

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