Stu and HORSE??? Adopts (1/2) by PierceTheReindeer

Stu and HORSE??? Adopts (1/2)


13 August 2019 at 16:16:58 MDT

Sold to rodentblood
Description: Stu is um...interesting. They are a clown/jester who loves going around and entertaining children. They just want to make kids happy, doesn't help that adults (especially adults) tend to find them creepy. They have traits of equines (having hooves and molar teeth) and can make horse sounds. Which can creep people out more. No one is sure the clown nose on their face is a nose or not. They do not like people touching it. DO NOT SQUEEZE IT. I repeat, DO NOT SQUEEZE IT. Your hands won't be the same again. They use their tail to help entertain children, the tail seems to act similar to a puppet.

Price: $25
Description: (it looks like a horse but I'm not sure) is very popular with young girls for some reason at the ranch. She loves eating apples and carrots, trotting around the place showing off all her ribbons, and getting her hooves painted. She seems to have won a lot of contest ribbons, though it is questioned if she won them because she is that skilled/pretty or because the judges were to scared to not let her win. She loves getting her mane and tail brushed while being told how beautiful and cute she it. Don't call her creepy or ugly in front of her, those teeth leave a nasty bite. She tends to go for the fingers. If you really push your'll be in the hospital with broken bones. Those hooves are not just for show. Also, don't leave pies out of your window. She'll steal them. No one one really knows her real name. "butterscotch", "daffodil", "Betty", etc. It doesn't seem to matter what name you call her by, as long as it is cute she'll respond.

If you would like to purchase either one of them you can either comment below or message me. Paypal only and first come first serve.