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Pierce's KoFi Page


11 June 2019 at 01:27:21 MDT

I have a ko-fi page! I wanted to make an art piece to help promote my page and I wanted to talk about that I offer ko-fi doodles. I talked about it in a long post but I want to talk about it here as well. https://ko-fi.com/mineralvulture

You can donate to my Ko-fi and if you want I can doodle you a character. One coffee ($3) per character, sketch quality. It’ll be outlined in pen and not colored. So for example if you want something like “A small version of your sona saying something” Ex: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/25429454/

Just send me an email to mineralvulture@gmail.com with a screenshot proof of your transaction and a simple 1-2 sentence prompt!

i’ll draw anything within reason, whether you want a little scenario or just my take on a character, but nothing too detailed like a very detailed sona/oc/character. It has to be simple. I do have certain rules with my comm stuff which will be applied to here which I will explain below.

General rules for my commissions are as follows
-I will draw furries, monsters, creatures, and most things (except for humans with my comms yet). For the ko-fi, I’ll draw that AND humans/humanoids since they’ll be chibified in a way.
-I accept payment through paypal (so I do not accept DA points or crypto currency)
-I won’t draw porn (I don’t believe I am skilled enough for that yet), offensive material, hateful material, and certain ships that make me uncomfortable.
-I will NOT draw rape, pedophilia, incest, zooaphilia, and necrophilia. That is a big fat NO from me.

Submission Information

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