Winter Gets the Munchies! by PieMan24601

Winter Gets the Munchies!


31 March 2019 at 16:45:10 MDT

A wonderful gift given to me by my sweet friend dorkyoreocorgi!

Story also written by Oreo. Enjoy! ^////^

"I-I know, dude… You gotta be patient, she’s coming…" The pegasus mumbled somewhat slowly to her rather noisy stomach, her belly rumbling in anticipation as a certain Pegaplush danced around in the nearby kitchen, a haze of cannabis floating through the relatively calm home. "Cinna… How much longer until those brownies are ready?…" She calls from her reclined position, her hooves pressing into her blubber as though she could soothe it.
"Rather wicked case of the munchies I hear, huh?" The chubby cook giggled, flying out with a fresh tray full of the delectable chocolate goodies, all baked with Winter’s hoofmade recipe for cannabutter. It was the first time the Pegaplush had been around anything like marijuana, but it was needless to say she was enjoying the experience, as well as her new friend which was helping her work through using it… And some of the more gluttony benefits as well. Cinnamon holds out the tray to her friend, who reaches up and doesn’t waste any time digging in, content glooorps and groooans indicating Cinnamon had done a fairly good job with this batch.
"Ooooh yeah, man… You nailed this batch perfectly." Winter cutely comments with her mouth-full, eyes closed with satisfactory little coos. The Pegaplush nuzzles beside her, smiling and blushing both at her new friend’s cuteness and her rather expansive figure. "A cook’s job isn’t done until she gets it just right for her customer… dude!" The both of them laugh and share a rather squishy hug thanks to Winter's plump frame, one more satisfied Gloooooorp! ringing from Winter’s belly as the two indulged in their stoner-based treats.

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