Nomu's Studies (By: Lizardsmooches) by PieMan24601

Nomu's Studies (By: Lizardsmooches)


21 August 2018 at 13:58:36 MDT

An absolutely gorgeous piece by the amazing lizardsmooches done at Furrydelphia 2018

Nomu is a very powerful witch, with unmatched skills at potion brewing. Even though she's an expert, she would never call herself that, and is always looking to learn more. Trying new brews, testing magical artifacts, pouring over old books, she does it all to learn as much as possible. But this knowledge isn't just for her, she shares it with the world in the form of her humble shop. Deep in the spooky woods, Nomu's house has a store in it as well, where she will sell you anything you could ever need for magical endeavors. If you visit her, I am sure she will share her knowledge with you.

Goooshhhh Len did SUCH a wonderful job with this~ She captured Nomu's personality just so perfectly and I am SO happy with how this looks. Thank you SOOOO much Len!

Nomu doesn't get enough love, I really need to use her more. ^_^

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