DOT [2017- Reference] by Pearlsnake

DOT [2017- Reference]


11 May 2017 at 08:54:45 MDT

Characters here are the property of keedot and may NOT be used for any purpose of roleplay or faceclaim. They may NOT be used for art without my explicit, written permission. Please ASK before using ANY of my characters for ANY purpose.

Did someone commission you to draw my characters? Please, ASK ME before starting!

Completed ref sheet for Dot the Chimera.

Wanna draw them?
Awesome! Just, please, NO adult drawings. NONE, at all. Dot is a CLEAN character. Clean Pin ups are fine.
Pronouns are THEY/THEM or HE/HIM. Dot is not female.

I have been very unhappy with previous incarnations of Dot. Their personality seemed to fit, but the design and appearance did not. So this is Dot now, they are an oryx, but Kee is still my main. It is basically just me as I am, but anthromorph, of course.

Need a bigger ref-image?
Shoot me a note!

=Piercings: Two small studs on each ear. They can be any color, as long as they are small. Nose ring on their right side.
=Jewelry: Right side horn ring. Chain with two rings. Wedding band.
=Hearing aids: BTE style with a blue-gray pearl casing. They are modeled after Starkey's ZON series 9. Please, please, don't forget.

=Scarf, wrap, other casual jewelry like thin leather cuffs.

=Casual and relaxed/ Prefers loose fitting clothing and tons of layering. Cardigans or boleros are appreciated, not a fan of tanks or short sleeves. Prefers neutral colors. Geeky emblems/patterns appreciated.

=Dot is an introvert. They prefer quiet places and small groups of people.
=They do not like to make eye contact or to touch strange people.
=They are anxious and tend to worry about even small things.
=With friends, they are chatterboxy, silly and open. They enjoy just spending time with their friends.

Likes and Dislikes:
=Likes: Cooking, baking, food, spices, tea, games, books, star trek, snakes.
=Dislikes: greasy stuff, strangers touching them, children, loud places, heights.

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    lovely Ref

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    Still such a lovely design <3

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    Such an interesting and unique character design. I've always loved Oryx for their horn shape and pattern. This chimera design is gorgeous.

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    Beautiful character! Very nice ref :3

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    Wow, they're one of the most unique characters I've ever seen!!! I love how much of yourself you put into this

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