Name: Nicole K./Peaches C. Williams

Age: 17

Birthday: September 21st

Religion: Catholic

Status: Single

Loves: My family, friends, reading, drawing(but of course), Writing, my dog, bacon, croutons!

Fudge, winter, rainy days, hot/soft cookies, soup, stuffed animals, cute/furry/fluffy things, dragons, mutant/hybrid things!

Snuggling, eating, squishy pillows, riding in the car, sleeping, looking at old photos, laying in the grass, basketball, riding my bike, running, ice skating, roller skating, dancing, singing!

And so much more!


Hates: Most cats, being to long in one place, snakes,

really dark rooms, scary movies, rude/sick/emo/annoying people,

Being sad/lonely, bitchy people, liquid medicine,

Rap, needles, people who never stop talking, coughing, blood, tests, pens, vinyl, knives, guns, sticky stuff,

dark chocolate, stuffy noses, pervs, painting, people who hate me for no reason, scooters, acne...

And so much more! >.>

My OTPs:

Max X Fang- Maximum Ride

Spyro X Nobody!- Classic Spyro

Spyro X Ember- Classic Spyro

Flame X Cynder- TLoS

Aang X Katara- Avatar: The Last Airbender

Blumiere X Timpani- Super Paper Mario

Dimentio X Mimi- Super Paper Mario

Parakarry X Watt- Paper Mario

Tarrant X Alice- Alice in Wonderland

Rarity X Spike- My Little Pony-Friendship is Magic

Eli X Clare- Degrassi

Anakin X Padme- Star Wars

Mario X Princess Peach- All Mario games

Nastasia X O'Chunks- Super Paper Mario

Ari X Angel- Maximum Ride

Leo/Raph/Donnie/Mikey X Any Brother- TMNT

Donnie X Mikey- TMNT

My Obsessions:

Maximum Ride

The Paper Mario Series

Lord of the Rings

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Star Wars

Spyro the Dragon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Joined 19 December 2012

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    thanks for following!

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    Your animated avatar on this site is simply beautiful! Wish I had one like that.

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      Thanks! <3 Its Nicole's old design but i still love it. My friend Luna on DA made it for me, the one i made the hobbit picture for recently. I wish i could do icons like her. :3