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A Bearly Furcasting Staff Christmas! by pandapaco

A Bearly Furcasting Staff Christmas!


The complete crew of the furry podcast:
Bearly Furcasting feat. Taebyn

Ghatered together to record a Christmas special.

Listen it now on:
Or at any other podcast platform, I listen them on Spotify, searching them as "Bearly Furcasting"
And I recommend you to listen more episodes of this podcast, is really funny.

They are, from left to right:
Tatsu (the dragon), Regdeh (the hoopoe), Kains (the pup), Taebyn (the pup), Bearly (the bear), Alex (the kinkajou), Rayne (the raccoon), Orville (the otter), and of course it is Santa Paws in person in the back, because they also got him as guest!!

So take your hot cider, egg nog, or your favorite holiday beverage and join the party!

Digital. Photoshop.


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    SO AMAZING.. THIS IS GLORIOUS... AWOOOOO! (er, I mean... skreeeetle!) :>

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      I didn't know eagles could howl, heehee
      hugs very tight Thank you, C!!!