Parinton and Sky by pandapaco

Parinton and Sky


12 May 2013 at 00:50:21 MDT

We are Parinton (me, the panda) and SKy (the fox-wolf) in a game park, in Parque Metropolitano, that is in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

Was a really fun day!! Some kids asked me if I could playing tag with them, of course I accepted, was great but really tired!! They, specially a girl, believe that I was a real panda (of course I am, but in my soul), they asked me a lot of curiosities, as what I eat, or if my parents were pandas too, why I wasn't dressing clothes, and so on. Of course I really enjoy a lot that kids ask me questions, I answered all of them. Other group of kids approached and they started tell them that I wasn't real, that it was a man insite, but the first kids didn't believe in that, and I was refuting them that's wasn't true, I was a real panda, and I could prove them, because I was going to bite them, but they run away and stopped bothering.

I was tired inside my suit, I wanted to take it off, but I couldn't because those kids really believe in me, I could not disappoint them, and they wanted to continue playing with me, fortunately their mom tell them that they had to go, so they said me goodbye.

When they were really far and they couldn't see me anymore, I quickly took my suit off and I could breathe again, I drank a lot of water...but it was really fun!!

If you want to see more pictures about this meet, in this link you can see them:


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    I really like the angle this was shot at