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NFC: Scandic Infra City by pandapaco

NFC: Scandic Infra City


A gift of thanks from NordicFuzzCon to the Scandic Infra City hotel managers, who hosted the convention for 3 years.
It was amazing how the managers enjoyed hosting the furry convention, to the point to be part of it.
You could see them around the convention with ears, and even wearing an unicorn kigurumi (Rainbow Pete).

This picture was shown during closing ceremonies, and the plan was giving this picture, printed and framed, to the main manager. But she got sick that day and couldn't receive it. They gave her this picture a week later.

Here are some few random characters, but those who are not random, are: Fredrix (the dog), Lightfox (the fox), Trax (the cat), Rainbow Pete (the unicorn man), Veronica (the girl), Mausie (more than obvious who's Mausie), Hassel (the wolf) and Pinky (who else could be pink?).

Since it was a gift for the hotel managers, and they were in love with the convention itself and all the fursuiters, I decided to make the characters more "fursuit" proportions.

Commission for NordicFuzzCon, done during the convention, if you saw me there drawing in the lobby, in the bar, in the artists lounge... with my tablet, I was working on this, I had to finish it before Sunday.

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