2019 Major League Baseball Season Started by pandapaco

2019 Major League Baseball Season Started


3 April 2019 at 13:27:41 MDT

The 2019 season is here, and all teams are ready, with their respective fans.

Project organized by huscoon huscoon, who is the referee of this nonsensical match.

Teams represented:

San Francisco Giants: Nekomon
Texas Rangers: Dario
Houston Astros: Delako
Oakland A's: Shutaro Shutaro
Baltimore Orioles: Ori
Cincinnati Reds: Stormwolf
Detroit Tigers: Wildfox
Tampa Bay Rays: DS
Florida Marlins: Ruby Canine
Colorado Rockies: Newlyn
Milwaukee Brewers: Trixie Fox
Kansas City Royals: Sawblade5Victor Redtail
Toronto Blue Jays: inari inari
Los Angeles Dodgers: Raichu
Boston Red Sox: Zeigler
New York Yankees: Coutzy
Washington Nationals: Rivard
Atlanta Braves: Atimist
Arizona Diamondbacks: Rivalo
Chicago Cubs: Arcturus Chusky
Chicago White Sox: Joshiah
Pittsburgh Pirates: Squiggles
St. Louis Cardinals: Rail Dawg
San Diego Padres: Tyler Furlong
Seattle Mariners: Frost T. Husky
Cleveland Indians: Velux
Minnesota Twins: Nbowa and Augie Doodle
New York Mets: DF
Los Angeles Angels: Hexum
Philadelphia Phillies: Kier

What's your favorite team?

This was a very interesting project to work on, I was traveling all over the world and working on this.
Digital: Photoshop / Medibang.