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2019 Major League Baseball Season Started by pandapaco

2019 Major League Baseball Season Started


The 2019 season is here, and all teams are ready, with their respective fans.

Project organized by huscoon huscoon, who is the referee of this nonsensical match.

Teams represented:

San Francisco Giants: Nekomon
Texas Rangers: Dario
Houston Astros: Delako
Oakland A's: Shutaro Shutaro
Baltimore Orioles: Ori
Cincinnati Reds: Stormwolf
Detroit Tigers: Wildfox
Tampa Bay Rays: DS
Florida Marlins: Ruby Canine
Colorado Rockies: Newlyn
Milwaukee Brewers: Trixie Fox
Kansas City Royals: Sawblade5Victor Redtail
Toronto Blue Jays: inari inari
Los Angeles Dodgers: Raichu
Boston Red Sox: Zeigler
New York Yankees: Coutzy
Washington Nationals: Rivard
Atlanta Braves: Atimist
Arizona Diamondbacks: Rivalo
Chicago Cubs: Arcturus Chusky
Chicago White Sox: Joshiah
Pittsburgh Pirates: Squiggles
St. Louis Cardinals: Rail Dawg
San Diego Padres: Tyler Furlong
Seattle Mariners: Frost T. Husky
Cleveland Indians: Velux
Minnesota Twins: Nbowa and Augie Doodle
New York Mets: DF
Los Angeles Angels: Hexum
Philadelphia Phillies: Kier

What's your favorite team?

This was a very interesting project to work on, I was traveling all over the world and working on this.
Digital: Photoshop / Medibang.