Furry Connection Silvester by pandapaco

Furry Connection Silvester


1 January 2019 at 14:25:58 MST

First picture of 2019, no winter or new year related apparentely, but showing the connection that the community has, and the adventures that we seek to experience.

This was done for a group of German furries that host a new years event every year. (https://www.furry-connection.de/silvestertreffen-2018-19/)
Characters are generic but the scene was inspired on a trip that I made last year with furry friends (Kurtt, Ed, Majira, Fox Amoore and Dixie), we swam in a cenote called Ik Kil, in Yucatán, México.

A cenote is is a natural pit that exposes groundwater underneath.

Characters are a Cozumel raccoon, a coati and a jaguar.

Digital. Medibang.


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    I'm hoping to get to swim in one of those in a few weeks! D:
    Going to Riviera Maya with my mom; she wants to escape the Canadian cold for a week. X3

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    que lindo :3