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Cozy Holidays 2018 by pandapaco

Cozy Holidays 2018


21 December 2018 at 15:12:09 MST

They are Mokie, the mutt and Hunter Vasuki, the dragon bear. Spending holidays together.

Definitely one of my favorite seasons on the year, it’s cold, good excuse to be drinking hot drinks, I love mexican ponche, hot cocoa, and coffee. And of course good excuse to be hugging those that are close to your feelings.

Story time (exclusive only on galleries). I had a friend when I was a kid, puberty had begun on us when we were 12, and I started feeling something funny for him, it was so strong what I was feeling that even his smell drove me crazy, but of course it was something I had to hide, because I thought falling in love with a guy was so incorrect. There were only three days on the year I could hug him and having a proper physic contact: my birthday, his birthday, and they day I could see him before Christmas. I remember hugging him so tight and for a long time wishing him a merry christmas, that he wondered what was going on, I never told him anything u__u

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