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Zabivaka by pandapaco



I have a lot of pendings, but I took some of my time to do a fanart of this awesome mascot because I LOVE IT!!
You know that I usually don't do fanarts, just when I really want to do it, and when I saw this character between the possible mascots for the 2018 FIFA World Cup on Russia, I really wanted he wins, and he did X3

Just look at him, moving, he's lovely!!!

I've seen many fanart pics of him, and I really expect to see even more of him from here to 2018.


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    He looks awesome in your style!

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    Saw the gif of him on Facebook, then saw this picture on InkBunny, so I Googled his name(thanks to you providing the name) and this page was the 7th search result, followed by your DeviantArt post! Great job getting on the first page of search results for "Sabivaka"!
    He definitely looks well-suited for your style, especially in the animation. I might actually watch the World Cup just for the cuteness, LOL!

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    I will cheer for him every game

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    Still looks awesomely animated today.