Tales of Heart Gold: Q/A#1! by Pandactyle

Tales of Heart Gold: Q/A#1!


13 March 2016 at 22:30:41 MDT

It's a BIG FILE, but at least it's showing up readable?
Sorry guys! I tried to shrink it down a bit more, but it kept being too small to read! D:<


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    Lokii is such an adorable little lump.

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    In the Artemis question he gets asked about telling Artemis how he feels? o_O [confused] XD Also dumbarse rat you'll regret it when Hermes thinks you're not interested XD

    I'm not too fussed on the Togepi family but Janus is freaking cute.

    And freaking Lokii XD

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      Wooooops! I'll hafta fix that when I get a moment. xD; Thanks for the catch!
      I agree, he's gonna lose his chance if he keeps freezing up!

      <3 fweeeee cuties!