Tales Of Heart Gold: Q/A#1-Pt2! by Pandactyle

Tales Of Heart Gold: Q/A#1-Pt2!


25 March 2016 at 00:44:24 MDT

WOOOO. Good. xD I got a lot of thinking in while I was working on this one, too.

Got a LOT to do to catch this thing up!

Sorry about the small text and the big size. xD
It was hard to fit such informative answers!!!!


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    I don't think my heart can take any of them dying ono

    Nooo little sweeties

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      It's really hard deciding who I want to go against Morty. .A. They're all such high level right now, too.....but I know one of them is gonna go. ;A; I don't even know how I'll take it.

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    Unless you need them to die for dramatic reasons you could always do what I do and chicken out XD

    In mine I was supposed to have a skarmory get killed off by a fire blast but chickened out and decided that it would live after all but is retired now due to missing a wing and generally not being in very good shape :P

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      Gwaahhh, that happened last time. I had a female noctowl named nutmeg. The rocket boss guy killed her, and I couldnt take it and ended up pouting into quit mode. Lol

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    Hmm it just says (someone well die very soon) so can you tell us if its gonna be a pokemon or a human who dies or do we have to wait and see

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      That is a question, isnt it? :)