Big City PG23: Center Night by Pandactyle

Big City PG23: Center Night


24 January 2016 at 20:13:05 MST

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    Dratini going into storage?

    The anime confused me with that actually. In game extra pokemon transfer to storage, in the anime Ash is stunned when his 7th pokemon vanishes in a puff of red as it transfers, but when Misty's backpack is stolen she's freaking out because apparently all the pokemon she ever caught were in there.

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      It's definitely questionable how that works.
      I've been switching out so often that it's difficult without going back and forth to poke'center moments. I also figured I'd give some leniency on that since there is so much switching out, plus, they're at a poke'center, so I figured it wouldn't be so much of an issue :P
      PC is right there. Plus, they'll all be training in a lil bit for Whitney, and it'll be a good time to draw a good chunk of poke'mans.

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        I think how we used to play (when I was roleplaying) and how I used to write it was that you just had however many you had and agreed beforehand how many you were going to use in battle. So one player might have gone out and caught 50 pokemon which they're somehow lugging in what's probably a very full bag whereas another one might only have three and you do a three on three battle. The one with three pokemon is immediately headed for a Pokemon Centre after whereas the one with 50 could but could also conceivably just carry on their merry way for a while more and use some different pokemon in the next encounter.

        While there were some players who wanted to faithfully sick to exactly game canon most of us couldn't work out a logical reason (beyond pure game mechanics) for some of the game rules so ignored/modified them ;)

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          Yeah, I switch out quite regularly, and I know people would want me to explain the PC if I didn't choose to use it, but I didn't actually have an idea of what to do aside from the PC, and later in this version you discover "Bill" who made the Poke'mon PC and he gives you Eevee. I didn't want to pass up that, and that would've been confusing to explain how all that worked to some of the stricter people reading. xD
          I don't have that many poke'mon since it's only 1 per area. (I'm using routes as diff areas, so if I do get some killed I have enough for a back-up) So if I did choose to just keep some in a bag, I feel like it would be do-able. xD

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    I thinlk the reason why is Dratini has not gone storage becose Dratini is not in her trainers pokeball yet so it can not trainsfer yet.... well that's what I think

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      They're all in the next few pages. :P
      I mean, Whitney's a toughy, so I figure I'll have at least a little training montage.
      They're also at the Poke'Center, so I figured it isn't a problem just yet.