Big City PG24: Rollout effect by Pandactyle

Big City PG24: Rollout effect


26 January 2016 at 12:06:49 MST


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    Naww that's heartbreaking.

    (At the same time I'm glad to be reminded I'm not the only one who tries to portray the pokemon attacks a bit more realistically, some of them look pretty brutal and I have trouble believing the pokemon just kind of fly off and stagger back to their feet looking slightly battered after getting run over by a giant boulder or engulfed by towering infernos or a hyperbeam you can see from space :)

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      In Meowth's case, I figured it would be better since I don't know how old everyone who's reading this is, to make him not have very gory amounts of damage. I figured he would've been flattened since Rollout is a giant cow rolling on top of him...which would make all his bones break to some extent...Kind of like Road Kill? Just without the blood and such?

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        Probably a good idea seeing as you've rated this thing General :)

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          The entire time, yep!!! I wouldn't want some poor kid running into something they can't see half way through, either.