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Scoutmaster in Hip Waders by overzen

Scoutmaster in Hip Waders


27 July 2014 at 16:56:52 MDT

Alright, scout, it's time to work on your fishing merit badge or belt loop.

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    Gazing at the edge of that CSP, my first guess was Great Salt Lake Council, which appears to be confirmed based on your location listing. :)

    Eagle Scout, OA Vigil Honor, and Silver Beaver recipient here, communications for Kennebec Valley District, Pine Tree Council, western third of Maine.

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      Impressive! I'm also an Eagle Scout, though only got to the Brotherhood level in OA. Also attended Silver and Golden Moccasin, and staffed Silver Moccasin. And you are correct, it is the Great Salt Lake Council! :)

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        What do you mean "only got to" Brotherhood? That implies you're not active. Vigil was a total surprise for me back in '07. I guess washing dishes at every lodge event for the previous decade "paid off" (chuckle). I was a Brotherhood member for 13 years, and Ordeal 10 years prior to that.

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          Well, I'm gay, so after I came to terms with my sexuality back in 2001 I decided I'd step out of scouts because I didn't want it to become an issue. I was an Assistant Scoutmaster for a few years up to that point.

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            Give the BSA a few more years of angst/kicking/screaming, and that may no longer be an issue. My home council doesn't worry about that, whether national likes it or not.

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    Yes, scoutmaster sir :D

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      I hope you have your uniform! ;)

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    What a handsome fellow!