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Avatar for Truce


Truce / 41 / Male / Socal



AIM: mudwolfy

FA gallery (old art):

Any Diablo III players? Would love to play with more people
Message me or add me :D Trucelee50#1279

Would appreciate donations in Dogecoins :3
Drop me a tip @ this address: DGJmmbVZQnz83xDnZL5QZHtSBrMvz5jLYv

Now accepting commissions in Dogecoins too!1
-Single character sketches: 15000 Doge (~$5)
-Single character sketch + color: 24000 Doge (~$8)

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    Hi Truce! I'm here due to you!. Still trying to get the hang of using this site.

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    Dunno if you remember me, nut I used to know you as mudwolfy on FA. Sent you a note regarding something I'm hoping you can help me with from way back then.

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    Truce doge!

    I dunno if you be accepting human-coins still for sketches (since I'm too pleb to understand Dogecoin), but I'm interested in a few commissions if you do!

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    Hey Truce Dunno if i left a comment here befor but here it is now XD ^^ thank you and your welcome have a happy day! bounces around and bearhugs

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      Daww thanks picks you up and swings you around have a happy day too :3

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    So much cute and hotness in tis gallery! Sexy feetpaws too!