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Username: Orenthes (I just go by this as far as correspondence goes)

Birthday: December 30 (I politely request that it not be called my hatchday, buffday, whatever. Call it a name day if you like Game of Thrones~)

Orientation: Bisexual

So, as my name says, I am Orenthes, originally registered under this name on Fur Affinity. I've been part of this community for a good few years now. I'm an avowed macrophile and voraephile. I am also intensely fond of reptiles (preferably giant reptiles), of either the male or female variety. In the right circumstances, I can find almost any species appealing, though I almost always prefer an anthropomorphic, bipedal character over something that has a "Feral" (i.e. more animalistic) form or a "Taur" (i.e. like a centaur) lower half. Reptiles, however, are my favorites above all and although I can enjoy other species, my characters are solely reptiles and for the time being anyway, I do not see myself making a non-reptilian character at any point in the near future. This is not out of any disdain for people who have such characters, but rather my own personal preferences which lean strongly towards reptiles and prefer reptilian animals above all others.

In terms of aesthetic preferences, I would say it is rare for me to be utterly absolute in outlook: I can like almost any art style in the right circumstances. That said, my general leaning is towards a more realistic style that makes art and characters look like something that might actually, conceivably exist, albeit in a fantasy setting. Things where people/characters look cartoonish or overly exaggerated are almost never appealing to me. This doesn't mean I necessarily always favor realism in things like character design (as my fondness for bipedal snakes might suggest), but I do like a good mixture of fantasy elements (i.e. humanoid and mammalian features such as an anthropomorphic body) and elements that are more realistically reptilian (i.e. having no body hair, slitted pupils like those of a predator species, and more angular, reptilian facial features). I also have a significant slant towards designs and characters with a more simple appearance and structure. If I see a character that has a huge amount of extraneous, ridiculous features that make no biological sense (and often look terrible), I am usually just rather confused as opposed to impressed. I would describe myself as a big fan of understated elegance. After all, giant reptiles hardly need to be ostentatious, when they're the size of buildings (or bigger) they have no problem getting everyone's attention.

When it comes to both males and females, I often tend to favor more curvy, thick body types. This is my usual preference but I also feel that artwork in places like FurAffinity and Weasyl is often overrun with endless copies of the "perfect", wish-fulfillment body type: supermodel-type skinny women with a completely flat body and men with an Adonis figure of massive, bulging muscles. To me, both of these body figures are extremely overexposed and not terribly attractive. I can like them in the right circumstances or especially when they're contrasted to someone or something of a different build, but it's not something I'd ever like on my characters and probably not something I'd commission. Big guns or a supermodel figure that borders on anorexia just doesn't have that much appeal to me compared to something that would be considered average or even rather overweight by modern standards. I realize that wish fulfillment is the name of the game in fantasy artwork and I do plenty of it myself, but that said, I feel like things are so much more interesting if we all jump outside of what we get used to from time to time.

Previously I was pretty neglectful of my Weasyl profile, only periodically logging on to make token uploads of some of my latest commissions. However, of late, I am starting to use this site more and more. I really enjoy the features Weasyl has and it seems to me for all intents and purposes to be a genuinely well-run site that includes a decently-sized contingent of artists that have no presence on Fur Affinity. It's well-organized, has a slick format and aesthetic, and I just really have a good feeling about Weasyl as a site once it gets a larger userbase and really comes into its own as an online community. I would very much like to build my own presence on Weasyl and eventually even get some art from artists who are either exclusive to Weasyl or simply not present on Fur Affinity.

For those of you who would like to chat or otherwise get to know me, feel free to send me a message, I'm very interested in gaming, history, travel, international affairs, oh, and of course, giant reptiles eating everyone~

My Characters Include:

-My main character, Tarvash, a Nile Crocodile, he enjoys large mammals for prey.

-Vistrix, a dragon with golden scales. Rabbits are his favorite prey.

-Vorn, an anthropomorphic Blood Python. Birds, coyotes, and small mammals are his favorite prey.

-Barad, an anthropomorphic green iguana. Vulpines are his favorite prey.

-Rhakesh, an anthropomorphic allosaur. Humanoids are his favorite prey.

-And perhaps others to come!

For me anyway, a main character is less a "main" who is used above all others but rather a first among equals, I greatly enjoy all of my characters and use them in commissioned works according to what I am in the mood for.


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The Sochi Olympics

on 7 February 2014 at 22:37:36 MST

So 2014 has come upon us, and at long last, we have seen the unveiling of 7 long years of preparation to build a quiet resort town in the Western Caucasus into a world-class winter sporting destination. The problems of Sochi were many: the pictures of unfinished hotels, questionable sanitation, and dodgy construction practices widespread, but all this can be ignored. The Opening Ceremonies are the first true show of the Olympics, and they set the tone.

Not since 1980 has a chapter of the Olympic Games been hosted in what is now Russia (though, under the Soviet Union, Russia was one of 15 Soviet Socialist Republics), and like Moscow in 1980, the Sochi games have been fraught with controversy (the 1980 Olympic Games were, in fact, boycotted by the United States over the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, an eternally foolish decision that contradicts everything about the international spirit of the Olympics).

The tone of the Sochi Opening Ceremonies was an interesting one: Russia has only steadily been making forays onto the international stage, most recently with its successful joining of the World Trade Organization in 2012, and Sochi was really its first chance to show itself as a major player on the world stage.

I for one, found it to be quite an impressive show.

But what about everyone else?

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