Sophia Full Body Reference and 10 Facts About Her by oneitvan

Sophia Full Body Reference and 10 Facts About Her


30 October 2017 at 14:46:24 MDT

  1. When I first thought about Sophia, I wanted her to be a hyper original character (OC) however I didn't want her to be like what most hyper OC look like or else she will be a part of a crowd and I didn't want that. The problem was quickly been solved as I soon discovered there weren't many SBBW OC that have a figure like hers so I mixed the two ideas together.
  2. Sophia's Birthday is on January 14, the same date as when she was first posted on SatsumaLord's Patreon.
  3. Sophia lives in California in a shore city examples: San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.
  4. Whenever she's playing a First Person Shooter (FPS) game or anything similar to it, she tends to be the heavy class. Example
  5. Sophia almost knows every single item that is on Joseph's Bakery's menu by memory except for seasonal items.
  6. Despite her cheery positive character Sophia's favorite movie genre is horror.
  7. Ever since Sophia's puberty fully change her body, she never could see her stomach without lifting her breasts and looking at it through the mirror.
  8. Sophia drives a truck to not only use it to get to her destination but also drives it in the forest for fun.
  9. Whenever Sophia visit her grandmother, she always enjoy picking the strawberries from her grandmother's small fruit garden and using them to make some sweets treats with her (the main reason why Sophia loves strawberries so much).
  10. If Sophia could travel three places anywhere in the world she go to England, Hawaii and New York.

I would like to give a huge thank to SatsumaLord for making this by commission. I've been meaning to do this with him for a while now and the rest of the cast will have the same treatment in the future. Even though Sophia has her own bio, I thought it would be great to put in facts about her. The rest of the cast will mostly likely to have their own bio within their Body Reference along with the ten facts. Please if you like SatsumaLord's art style, follow and maybe even better support him on these sites down below.

Artwork Copyright satsumalord
Sophia Wester Copyright oneitvan