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Creator of the Hyper SSBBW Light Golden Retriever Sophia Wester, the Bodybuilder Competitor Giraffe Tara Greens, the Mega Bootylicious Panther Jade Pennyworth, the Ever Hungry BBW Orange Tiger Belle Oliver, the Northwestern Wolf Model Rebecca Howler and along with the small Human Cody Walker. I do not claim to be the best writer but I am willing to learn to become better.

Ever since I discovered DeviantArt I've always been a follower/watcher or whatever you think is similar to it until a few years ago I had an idea. This idea have something to do with my OCS, and hopefully I would try show this idea or at least non-relate ideas that I could post into my gallery this year (2017). Until that day comes I been buying commissions from Artists to show my OCS.

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I Got A Tumblr Account :3

Have it for a while now since I testing the site a bit, but now I feel I'm ready to tell you guys about it. I enable the ask so you guys could either ask me or any of my OC questions however anons are block cause I seen and heard a lot of anons' questions that were "rude" however I'll enable it some time in the future. Also I'm wondering should upload my gallery into my new account if so comment down below, and I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. :D

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