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Rebecca's Taste of Clothing by oneitvan

Rebecca's Taste of Clothing


30 October 2017 at 14:37:32 MDT

Recently Rebecca discover that Jade's and Tara's wardrobes contains mostly casual or gym clothes but no dresses nor anything that makes them standout. Being a good friend Rebecca using her perks from her modeling career to get them some new clothes. At first Jade and Tara thought it was very giving for her to do it which they gladly agreed. Here's the results of their outfits, Rebecca is all too joyful that she gets to do this, while both Jade and Tara are surprisingly speechless. X3

(It just came to me that should have change Rebecca's second dialogue but now it's too late oh well)

This amazing commission piece was made by the one and only jaehthebird. He was holding a commission raffle contest over his Patreon account and I happened to be one of few lucky people who got one along with being made within this month. When we both discuss about the commission I showed him my OCS and I let him pick which three characters he likes to most. Once he pick his three from there I immediately thought of the idea. The commission got even better the moment when he stream it live where I met with some nice people over there. As always the artist's links are down below if you want to follow and support him. Thanks again Jaeh, and I hope we'll work together again soon. :D

Rebecca Howler, Jade Pennyworth and Tara Greens Copyright oneitvan

Artwork Copyright Jaehthebird

Jaehthebird's links:

Picarto (Live Stream):