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Book One Chapter Six by Omnimaster

Book One Chapter Six

Galaxian Chronicles book one; The Gathering

Chapter Six

Omni walked into a large room with shelves upon shelves of books and scrolls and journals, a large oak desk was in front of a window, the Queen and Lina were together at the desk, the Queen hugging Lina tenderly, stroking her hair. Omni approached the desk, there was a map of the city, and the queen looked at him sternly. “If they have a plan to destroy this city, they might have it in key you have any ideas?” the Queen spoke cool and stern, looking at him with a little trust in her eyes. Omni nodded and leaned over the map “They could use explosives or mass amounts of people to attack the market…the hospital and the residential areas… plus they could also attack the barracks” he circled the locations on the map.

The queen frowned, looking over the map “what about the dining commons and industrial districts?” she pointed out with a worried look. “Those aren’t as important as the people...we need to secure the areas with the most people first…Restaurants and factories can be rebuilt” he spoke calmly. The Queen smiled softly at him “maybe there is hope for you…” she spoke as though she was considering something “however…” Omni spoke before she could anything “we should go and handle the real threat, the army of bandits that Ikuto and his goons control…”

There was a long pause, and then the Queen looked at Omni and asked in a voice that sounded gentle “If you are here to save the kingdoms…and you truly want peace…will you help us expel this threat?” Omni looked at her and nodded “I will… and I will ask nothing but what I need for combat…the great sword I had hidden, two swords, and a firearm of some kind…” The Queen stood up slowly and pointed to a Pitch Black Great Katana that had four White fangs on the guard, its blade was as black as night “Your sword I presume?” She spoke coolly.

Omni Stood up and he walked to the blade mounted on the wall and took it down with one hand, its blade was as long as his arm from shoulder to ring finger tip, he nodded solemnly “yes it is…but its note my main…I just need it just in case…” he spoke softly, sounding like he had remorse pointed at the blade. The Queen pointed to the guard at the door and barked at him “Go fetch two sabers and a pistol for him from the armory, and gather the generals, tell them its time to form an assault squad”

Book One Chapter Six


22 March 2013 at 08:49:06 MDT

YESH, PLOT THICKENS >:D time for me to go kill some assholes, plus i got a shiny black sword :3

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    < mind your spelling and re-read what you write sweety. Some of the things you left out like when omni cut the queen off. the sentence was missing yhe word 'saying'

    I still love this baby

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    Awesome so far alex^^