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on 9 May 2013 at 08:03:46 MDT

I know this is probably a stupid idea to post my life goals here, but i need somewhere more permenate to place them, if anyone has anything to want to say about you can, but it wont change my mind

1: Get thinner and maturer (and hope to god that i am not destined to be just 5'6, although i am getting better at maturing ^.^)

2: Graduate highschool (for diploma, just one more year, WHOO)

3: get license and car (hopfully a van

4: Save up at least 5,500 dollars (or more)

5: get a phone (hopfully without needing minutes

6: MOVE TO FLORIDA (XD that is the truth)

7: get a job down there (:/ a must)

8: get an appartment (or a place to sleep in my vehicle, hopfully i wont need to)

9: finally, find a place near sammies college for the remaining time shes in there so she dont have to pay for the dorms for long (and she can have her boyfriend in the same house >///_///>

This will take maybe a year or two, but i will do this, i wont give up and if you guys are willing to help me achieve it in some way, like commisioning me, i can see these goals that i bleieve will lead to my happieness

(P.S. the contest is free, so dont worry bout that and it is still going til the journal says closed on it

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Omnimaster productions
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