Life's A Chibi: Pajamas by o-kemono

Life's A Chibi: Pajamas


25 January 2014 at 11:56:59 MST

This was inspired by Soryane. After coming home from a very harsh day at work, she removes her work clothes and replaces them with her pajamas, containing a cute image and relaxable fleece pants. Her mood changes as she walks around in her comfier and brighter clothing for the remaining of the day.

When one goes to work, the clothing that they wear absorbs the energy around them, including negative and stressful energy. They can feel the weight building up within their clothing and their need to shed their hindering attire grows. Once home, one strips down and replaces their work clothing with something more relaxing - something more colorful and happy. The comfortable feel of the fabric can tickle and massage the skin, making one relax and just put their mind at ease. This can range from loose garments to something very relaxing or energetic. It all depends on the person.

Comfortable, warm, colorful, playful and happy clothing means a relaxed, carefree, imaginative, confident and peaceful person.

artwork © 2014 Alex Cockburn

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    The entire series of Life's A Chibi is so adorable and wonderful. <3 Thank you for continuing to create these. Perhaps they could be compiled into a book?

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    Hehe, poor guy's flap came undone.

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    Adorable butt! ^_^