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Power-tripping raccoon furry. Mad scientist. Game aficionado. V.I.P. at The Inventory. Aperture Science's "Organic Associate of the Month" for April 1984. General lazy gamer dork. Sometimes dresses in short skirts.

As I am not an artist, all I shall post here are commissions and pieces of gift art. Credit will be given to all the wonderful people responsible. Also, my mate is Shakal.



Latest Journal

Moving out to Cali!

So! As a lot of folks know, Shakal Shakal and I are moving to California very soon. We'll be moving to the Bay Area, and most likely to Hayward, unless something odd comes up with our apartment plans. We start moving out this weekend, so here's a quick itinerary so people know where we'll be along the way.

Sunday, 23rd: Louisville, KY
Monday, 24th: Kansas City, KS
Tuesday, 25th: Denver, CO
Wednesday, 26th: Salt Lake City, UT
Thursday, 27th, Thanksgiving Day: Alameda, CA

Once we arrive at Alameda, we'll be there in a hotel until our apartment plans come to complete fruition. It's going to be a hectic time. But in the end, it's a move for the better!

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      You're very welcome. =3

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      You are most welcome of course! Thanks for being here to watch.

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      giggles and hugs back You're most welcome.