Green Socks And Bill by OddOly

Green Socks And Bill


5 February 2015 at 18:33:48 MST

First doodles of 2015. This time mostly stuff prompted by several lovely people on DA.

DamnTorren wanted to know who were Wayland's best friends growing up and what were his favorite hobbies when he was a kid. Now, this is going to be sad because Wayland's best friend used to be his father Bill and he's dead.

Really even before Wayland's muscular dystrophy kicked in he was always a kind of sheltered kid who was bad both at sports and "geeky" hobbies and mostly liked telly and goofing around. His brother Walt never felt like including Wayland in his games so Wayland's best friend was his father and the kids he met during physiotherapy. The closest he had to a hobby was playing powerchair football in his teen years when he couldn't use a manual chair anymore. I mostly wanted to concentrate on Bill this time so I didn't draw too many of the other kids (you might or might not recognise the kid in red shorts) but let's just say that Wayland knew some of other characters you've seen before. After Bill was shot Mrs Barker really cut down the time Wayland spent playing football or hanging with his friends in general because she worried he'd say too much so really Wayland lost all his friends after his dad's death.

It's kind of weird thinking of Bill - I knew he was dead pretty much since I came up with the Barkers so I'm not supposed to miss him the way I would miss an existing character who died at some point of the story (though I don't miss O'Kane at all - I'm sad he died but if he didn't he'd be the kind of character you'd want dead every time he opened his mouth). And yet the Barkers as a family are kind of like those shape-sorting toys - writing them means inevitably writing the hole that was supposed to be filled by Bill. And it's hard not to miss him.

GreekCeltic would like to know the story behind those fabulous green socks Danny and Donny wear. Unfortunately I have to admit that the colour of socks of the Ness kids is as unpredictable as a weather forecast. Especially if it's their father getting them ready for school that morning.

sn0otchie wanted to know Emma's favourite animal. If you've never seen tardigrades do yourself a favour and look them up. :D That doodle is also a premonition because I got a corkboard a few days after drawing it. I am secretly every character of Cop Story. 8I

The doodle of Kevin in that chair is a nod to one of my favourite scenes in MiB.

...I have no comment about the doodle with Philip. B|

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